Your hair is the unique fingerprint that you show the world. At Sasa Salon, your personal style and individuality are recognized in the experience we create. We ensure that everyone that comes through the door feels empowered through a successful expression of the style they aim to exude.

Curly Hair

Every curl is different – your curls have originality to their texture which dictate how they should be styled. The foundation of a well treated curl is dependent upon product selection, shape, and density for your particular texture. We help you to feel confident in understanding what that texture is and how to style it. We teach our clients how to maintain and embrace the style that is unique to them.


We place the utmost importance on hair care, because healthy hair is happy hair. We believe in using natural hair care products that enhance color longevity and improve elasticity. We educate clients on the proper management of texture and style, also providing step by step instruction on how to recreate and maintain salon style at home.

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